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Other Programmes

Tribal Development project The Tribal population of the backward areas of the Malappuram and Pathanamthitta Districts are assisted by the organization, by their implementing of innovative Livelihood programmes, Reproductive and Child health programmes, the Legal Awareness and Assistance programmes, at the above mentioned locations.

Micro credit Units These units came into being with the sole purpose of uplifting women comprising of the lower strata of society. An increasing demand from society, of the productivity of women in difficult circumstances, led to the initiation of the WHI into the formulation of strategies for the Microfinance Programme. More than 20,000 women in the Thiruvananthapuram District alone, avail of the services of the WHI. In one way or the other they happen to become the objects of our research. Emphasizing a strong field base, the WHI encourages group structures and the motivation of social, integrating processes, through the Micro Credit System, started among those women living in difficult circumstances.

The WHI has prioritized the primary needs of women, which may be summarized under: relief from poverty, hunger, starvation, indebtedness and also the imminent need to strengthen financially poor women’s productive roles. The women in turn have expressed their need for low-cost and easy to access credit.

With this end in view, WHI conducted a baseline survey among the 20000 beneficiaries based on random-sampling techniques. A total of 1500 women were interviewed with the help of a questionnaire-checklist. These women comprise of widows, divorced and separated women, unwed, abandoned, single women and other deprived sections. They put forward their own suggestions for the creation of small scale trade lines. Hence, the WHI trained 10 field organizers to in turn organize and train group leaders, to disseminate strategies onto those women, to enable them to conduct small scale trade with the aid of efficient repayment technologies. A full time coordinator, a finance manager and 10 field organizers are working and operating in this unit, at present.

Training programmes
The WHI is also functioning as a training institute for capacitating the various stake holders of the programmes which are run by the organisation and other external agencies. The training institute also imparts skill development training to many sections of women, to support them in finding the means to earn a sustainable income, through starting micro enterprises.

The RCH Project
The organization is functioning as a Field NGO for the implementation of the Reproductive and Child Health programme of the National Rural Health Mission. Seethathode, Gavi, Gurunadhanmannu and Seethathode, which are the most backward tribal arcs in the Pathanamthitta District, the target area for the project intervention. The organization has stared a community Development center in 2008 at Seethathode for this purpose.

Watershed based Development program
The WHI is implementing the Watershed based Development programme in the Chithara Panchayat, situated in the Kollam District of Kerala. The programme has been implemented as a part of the Western Ghat Development Programme. The assessment of the needs of the programme, took place via modes such as: Participatory Rural Appraisal, programme planning, implementation Monitoring and evaluation, all of which were done by the implementing agency with the participation of the concerned Panchayat and community.