About us

The Organisation

Women Empowerment and Human Resource Development Center of India (WHI), is an NGO registered under the Travancore-Cochin Scientific Cultural and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1955. The orgaisation has its head office at Trivandrum, and five community development centres spread across three districts.

Our Vision

“A bird cannot fly if one of its wings is weaker than the other. Likewise, a nation cannot forge ahead if one of the sections of its population is discriminated against.” Half of its population being women, the Socio-economic development of a nation is impossible, without animating and empowering its Female community! WHI dreams, of building a woman-empowered Society which will enable women to contribute as equally as men, in the socio-economic development of the nation.

The Nature and Area of our work

The WHI has proven records of intermediation services, for – mobilizing rural communities for group action; working with - women, the landless, scheduled castes, fisher folk, tribals, and other less privileged groups, for and towards their development.

“Where the Evidence of Potential backs Experience, there’s no stopping the suppressed from Forging Ahead.”

The WHI has considerable Research Experience in investigating the “Social World” of Kerala. The nature of its work ranges from running Women and Child Welfare Programmes including Health Education and Family life education, unto extending basic amenities including Safe Drinking Water, and Sanitation to rural and tribal communities. The organization’s endeavors in mobilizing community participation in all its meanings, and result-oriented linkages and networking, have paved way for the organization to build a development movement in the state, based on a different perspective. The interventions of the organisation in the field of tribal health, welfare of slum dwellers, women group formation and empowerment, adolescents’ care and Rural Infrastructural Development has yielded greater results.

Eighty-grass root level NGOs have taken up affiliation with the WHI. The WHI, apart from its own activities, provides substantial assistance to other NGOs by extending towards them the right guidance, support and also links to governmental and other potential agencies. All the operations of the organization, are directed through the Community Development Centers situated in the various districts of Kerala. The WHI believes in the dignity of the humankind and external resources are directed to a community only after identifying and utilizing its internal resources and human potential. Only when a community is empowered to stand on its own and operate accordingly, are assets created. The goal, strategy and approach of all of the WHI’s programmes, are directed by this one doctrine.