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The Future Plan

Two Projects Viz; Home for women in difficult situation and a programme for livelihood development through value addition to cotton fabrics are under serious consideration of the organisation during the Financial Year 2010-11.

Home for Women in Difficult Situation

The study conducted by the organisation with the support of the governmental organisations has revealed the fact that the costal belt along the Tamilnadu boarder and the backward villages are a source of trafficking of young girls. These girls are recruited by the agencies as Sales girls, House hold servants, workers in resorts, etc. These victims are forced to encage in sex work while encaging in the job for which they are actually recruited. They are keeping on acting in this dual role due to the pressure of livelihood and social stigma.

The tourist centers of Trivandrum district such as Kovalam, Vizhincham, Poovar, and Varkala are a major destination in the state where the girls from various parts of the state as well as from other states like Karanataka, Tamilnadua and West Bengal are transported for sexual exploitation. These girls arrested by the police are later released and are again inducted into the flesh trade. The organisation plans to establish a home to support those women in such difficult situations, in order to empower them to own and operate micro enterprises and thereafter, repatriated to the native community. The existing schemes of the State and Central Governments clearly do not adequatly adress their grave issues. Therefore, the organization plans to mobilize the required financial input for the project, from like-minded and enthusiastic public.

Livelihood Development through Value addition to Cotton Fabrics

The total worth of the Textile Market, of Kerala is:- Rs. 6000 Crore, and that of Ready- -made garments is: - 2500 Crore. But, the contribution of Kerala towards the Textile Industry makes for less than 10%. It is evident that Kerala has not been acting out the part of a significant player, in the Textiles/Garment sector, until now. This small scale industry has a very high commercial potential within the country as well as internationally in terms of export. This sector has also got a considerably high employment potential.

Therefore, the organization plans to implement a Livelihood Development Programme for the poor women in the target area mentioned above, through the promotion of the Micro Enterprise via value addition to cotton fabrics. The women would be trained in fabric painting, batic painting, Machine embroidery, Hand embroidery and the making of modernized garments. Each unit would be established under the Self-Help Groups of Women and the marketing of products and raw-material-procurement would be managed by the Federation of the SHGs. Common production protocol would be established to facilitate common branding and marketing. We seek financial assistance from the Government of India actively to setup the project.