About us

Aims and Objectives

  1. To work for and towards the Welfare of Women & Children in Kerala.
  2. To conduct Social research and share the corresponding outputs, required for relevant planning.
  3. To implement programmes and activities tailor-made for women who require “upliftment” in the spheres of Welfare and Empowerment.
  4. To offer Consultancy services, concerning and surrounding various gender issues.
  5. To organize training programmes, workshops, seminars and campaigns, in the field of the Maternal and Child Health Programme.
  6. To establish, manage and run institutions or centers offering assistance and information regarding matters related to women’s issues.
  7. To establish and run Research centers, Schools and other Educational Institutions, which tackle various gender biases and the very many Social Shackles which impair our Nation’s progress, right at the Grass Roots’ levels.
  8. To establish Counseling Centers.
  9. To aid in: the development of the competence levels of other agencies by aiding in their Overall Capacity Building by providing them with trained and skilled personnel, Personnel Management, and helping them out at organizational ventures and Resource Development.
  10. Providing sector support, network, and facilitation of the reception and co-ordination of the activities of different Governmental, Non-Governmental/ International Agencies and Social Activists.
  11. To conduct Monitoring and Evaluation of programmes and development M&E tools.
  12. To collect, generate, document and disseminate information and knowledge via engaging in activities that involve progressive social interaction and exchange of information, in their various forms.
  13. To network with International Organizations, with a view to strengthen the capacity of organization for carrying out Social-Upliftment programmes or Research Programmes in the fields of issues, related to Women & Children especially in terms of developmental perspectives.
  14. To educate women to work and contribute towards the development of our Nation
  15. To free the women of our nation from their societal impediments, and make women aware of legal rights and legal statuses.
  16. To “Educate” women to recognize and fight against injustice, exploitation and harassment of women everywhere.
  17. To establish cooperative societies, banks and other thrift and credit societies, in order to accomplish our visions in the most practical and satisfactory manner.